workshop on the 1st Women On the Frontline, Tunisia, 10-12 ocotber 2014


Women on the Frontline offers women groups from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, and Tunisia tailor made capacity development support that has been identified as critical to empowering women in the region, and for addressing gender-based discrimination that for generations has deprived women from exercising their rights as equal citizens and contributing to just societies.

Women on the Frontline offers them Organisational Capacity Development (OCD) and Strategic and Substance Capacity Development (SSCD) support. Within the OCD track, the organisational capacities and the women group’s wishes and needs for improvement are assessed through a specifically designed Capacities Assessment Tool. Based on this assessment, a tailor made group level capacity development programme is offered in order to make the organisations stronger and their work more effective.

In addition to these group trainings, half of the participating organisations receive individual level capacity development support covering their specific needs. Examples of training content are financial and administrative management, organisational structure, decision making processes, human resources and programme management.

The SSCD track offers training in three strands.

The first is Voice & Visibility, which focuses on media relations, outreach & effective external communication and journalistic skills.

The second is Influencing Political Decision-Making that tackles advocacy and lobbying for women’s rights.

The third is Civic Engagement, where the women groups focus on campaigning, recruiting and retaining volunteers, raising funds, and building support through public awareness campaigns.