Egypt Feminist Union

Egyptian women played a major role during the revolution side by side with men. They demonstrated in main squares of Egypt, they spent the nights on streets to make sure that the revolution will not be hijacked or stopped, they nursed the wounded, lamented the dead, chanted and danced when they became victorious and also cleaned the aftermath when they withheld the demonstrations. They are still active in NGOs, coalitions, political parties, workers’ unions and professional syndicates to make sure that Egypt is transiting into a democratic era. In June 2011, the Alliance for Arab Women in coordination with other NGOs organized a national conference in Cairo. It was attended by around 3.000 women and men from all governorates of Egypt to express their opinion with regard to major issues related to the transition process of Egypt toward a democracy and the role of women in building a democratic Egypt. One of the results of the national Conference was a call to establish an Egyptian Feminist Union. Participants highlighted that there is a need for such Union to coordinate the efforts of the different women’s and feminist NGOs to draw up one national plan for civil society’s support to achieve gender equality in Egypt.

The EFU was re-established in 2012 on the basis of the recommendations of the conference.  EFU works with different societal bodies to enable different categories of women to practice their human rights and undertake their societal responsibilities. The Union also works to encourage effective participation of women in putting policies, legislations and general decisions to achieve equality and democracy.  The EFU seeks to link the interested efforts in women's issues to contribute to create an aware society that believes in equality, citizenship, social justice, human dignity and respects women's rights and family.